Locasy is a powered location assistant that you can use to locate your family and friends in real time.

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Create and add Geofences

Create your favourite Places and be always aware where your close ones are.

30 days of Location History

Don’t miss any movement of your Family Members. Check their detailed Travel History.

Emergency Alerts

Instantly notifies circle members if one of the members requires help. Be aware if Members are in danger and see the exact location to help them.


Locasy is your assistant in location tracking of those who you care the most.

Gather the most important people in Locasy app, add them to Circles, create Places and check their real time whereabouts.

Get notified when your children or friends come or leave a place. Get notified if the battery level is low, to be able to inform your loved ones about important things.

Bring your family closer!

Smart features are designed to connect and protect your loved ones.

Amazing Features

Check the main features. Download and Install Locasy App to see all the most important functions at one place.

Private Circles

Invinte only those who you want to protect and care the most.

Share your location

Share your location with Family Members.

Smart Notifications

Receive notifications when battery level is low.

Easy to use

Open the app, add your Circle members follow their real-time whereabouts.

Protect and Connect

Protect your family and feel calm that they are safe.

Help Alert

Send a notication to your Circle members in case of Emergency, or call 112.